Accordion Pro WP v2

The latest version of Accordion Pro WP is out. It has lots of new features, including long-awaited ‘responsive’ update.

Features include:

  • Responsive — compatible with smartphones and tablets.
  • Touch Support — use a swipe gesture to move between slides.
  • CSS3 Animations — hardware accelerated on mobile devices.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Accordions — choose between horizontal and vertical layouts.
  • 5 *Unique* Themes — five attractive themes for your accordions (basic, dark, light, stitch and transparent).
  • Click or Mouseover Activation — activate the tabs of your accordions on click or on mouseover.
  • AutoPlay — accordions can be set to automatically cycle through all of the slides.
  • Easing & Speed Options — transition speed, cycle speed and easing function options.
  • Style Options — customise the appearance of your accordions with a multitude of style options.
  • Captions — enter captions for your slides; toggle the captions on and off in the content editor.
  • RTL Support — create accordions that operate from right to left.
  • Linkable Slides — link to individual slides using an anchor tag.
  • Visual & HTML Content Editors — enter slide content using the WordPress visual editor, or use the HTML editor if you’re more comfortable with markup.
  • Thickbox Upload — seamless integration with WordPress allows you to use the native Thickbox functionality for uploading and embedding your images and videos.
  • Shortcode Activation — insert accordions into your posts, pages and widgets with a shortcode, or use the PHP tags provided to insert accordions into your themes.
  • Translation Ready — translate the plugin into your language.

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Nicola Hibbert is a freelance front end developer based in Guildford, Surrey. In her spare time she makes games, and maintains a suite of jQuery and WordPress plugins.

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2 Comments on "Accordion Pro WP v2"

  1. Align left and align right seem to work just fine, but align centre appears to merely align left… Any ideas? (Problem is as seen in the website given; the only change I have made was to extend the width so that it matched up with the template.)

    p.s. this is a wonderful plug-in; I feel slightly churlish complaining!

    • Hiya!

      Text align aligns content within a block – I’d try wrapping a div around your image and placing text-align: center on that.

      Hope this helps!

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