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I’ve been promising to release liteAccordion v2 for ages, but I’ve been snowed under with client work as of late. Last night I finally found the time to complete the last few bits and pieces that I wanted to finish before release.

Plugin Documentation Page:


Version 2.2 (21/01/13)

Development status: on indefinite hiatus
After this update, I do not plan to continue developing this plugin. Regrettably, I can no longer respond to support emails – please be sure to read the comments if you have any issues, as 99% of them will have been discussed there.

New in liteAccordion v2

liteAccordion now has play, stop, trigger next slide, trigger previous slide, destroy and debug methods.

Mouseover activation
Slides can now be activated onmouseover.

Custom easing
The plugin now supports custom easing functions (easeOutBounce is one of my favourites :)) using George McGinley Smith’s jQuery Easing plugin.  If you’re not planning on making use of this (i.e. if you’re using the linear or swing easing types), you don’t need to include jquery.easing.1.3.js in your page.

Linkable slides
You can now link to individual slides by assigning a name to a slide in your html, and setting the ‘linkable’ option to true.

Two new themes
v2 features two new themes: the ‘light’ theme, and the ‘stitch’ theme.  The light theme is very similar to the ‘dark’ theme, but with inverted colours.  The stitch theme is based on Orman Clark’s awesome work (again :p) over on Premium Pixels.  An interesting piece of trivia – I’d never heard of SlideDeck until ~2 months after I built version one.  If I’d known about it I might not have bothered 😉

Demo suite available
It can be a bit time consuming to fiddle with the settings of jQuery plugins to get the effect you want.  Edit JS, reload page, rinse, repeat, yawn.  I wanted to alleviate some of the tedium for myself during development, so I created a tool to let me try out different combinations of settings without reloading the page.  Try it out for yourself! Demo suite

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Nicola Hibbert is a freelance JavaScript developer based in Guildford, Surrey. In her spare time she develops HTML5 games and creates jQuery and WordPress plugins.

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311 Comments on "liteAccordion v2"

  1. Hidayt Rahman says:

    Hello Nikki,

    I want to make heading Horizontal,
    for this i tried to target rotate(90deg)
    But its not working fine.
    is there any option to do this ?
    or give me solutions
    Thanks in Advance 😉

  2. Great efforts Nikki
    now i want ti link slide to external URL is this available? and how ?
    thanks in advance

  3. Hi I was trying to install your liteaccordion on one of my images. But since I am new to jquery/javascript can you please help me with a step by step guide if possible?


  4. Malik Fazal Rehman says:

    Hi its an excellent plugin but i am having a weird problem i inserted the accordion into my website and its working perfectly fine on my local machine where as when i upload the website to my server the accordion messes up very badly like all the slide images are spread vertically along the page and no slider
    Please help i need my project to be finished asap :(

  5. Many Thanks for such plugin.

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