Allegri insists Di Maria has an ankle injury, so he’s not named.

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Juventus boss Max Allegri insists that Angel Di Maria is not 100 per cent allowed to watch games at home. Zebra came to a 1-1 draw with Bologna in Serie A on Sunday night. By the situation in the league at the moment. The Bianconeri are in third place with 60 points from 32 games.

One of the key issues that has arisen before going on the field is the case of Angel Di Maria. With the big media like Gazzetta dello Sport revealing that. When the Argentine attacker knows that he is not in the team. So he asked Allegri for permission to watch the game at home instead because he had an ankle injury.

After the last game, Sky Sport Italia did not forget to repeat the matter to Allegri, who admitted that Di Maria had an ankle problem as previously reported. And they allow the players to stay at home as needed UFABET

“He has an ankle problem which caused him pain.” the Juventus coach revealed.

“When someone is 50-50 I better leave him at home. I want players who are physically fit to be on the bench, Di Maria is an important player for us.

Juventus’ next game is at home to Lecce on Wednesday May 3.

Di Maria was nicknamed by the family as Fideo, which means noodles because of the thin appearance like noodles.