Chimenez: Atletico are on the way, but definitely not cocky

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Atletico Madrid defender Jose Maria Chimenez says his side are doing well. But the key is to move forward with humility and football work hard.

Atleti put in a superb display as they beat Valladolid 5-2 in La Liga on Sunday night. Leaving Roji Blancos in third place, one point behind Real Madrid 2 points after 32 matches.

After the game at Estadio Jose Sorrilla, the 28-year-old Uruguayan defensive line. Said that although the score came out overwhelmingly. He knew that he would find a difficult task. Which looked at the home team’s two goals. Chasing up despite being led 0-3 UFABET

“We know it’s going to be one of those games where we’re going to have a lot of difficulties.” said Chimenez the defender, who netted one goal in the last game.

“Valladolid, change coach, you see new people. Direction of play that is different from the original They take it very seriously. And we know there will be tough times.

“We are playing with energy and creativity. Competing very well with various teams. There is still a long way to go. We will carry on these things through humble and selfless work.”

Gimenez has a contract with Atletico until 2023 after joining from Danubio in 2013 and has now agreed to stay at the club until 2025.