History of Keno

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Keno some people read aloud that Keno is not wrong. Although the name of the game has its roots in French or Latin. But the history is back in China. According to legend, this Keno game was invented to raise funds from citizens in times of war. Let the people play this game like a tax bill. But in those days, the way the game was played might be a bit different than it is now. Because instead of 80 numbers, 120 Chinese characters are used.

However, nowadays China still plays this kind of game. Each number of Chinese characters is reduced to 80 characters, similar to the way of playing in the west. Due to its widespread popularity, this was the mechanism for bringing Keno into online casinos. To create opportunities for gamblers to have access to this game and a variety of options to play the game

How to choose an online casino provider for quality Keno games?

even online keno games It is found in most leading platforms. But if you really count There are few service providers that are accepted by many gamblers in terms of safety, speed, or even special bonuses. All of these are important factors in deciding whether to choose a service or measure the quality of a service provider as Live Casino House is popular with many players. which for Keno games Before you choose to apply for membership at any website, you should study first whether it is really quality or not in the following factors.

How to Play Keno Games Online

First of all, let me explain the concept of the game a bit before going to see how the actual game works. This Keno game will have a sequence of numbers 1-80 so that the game will randomly come out about 20 numbers to be calculated or compared to match your chosen bet or not.

With betting options, there will be Small, Big, Odd, Even, Dragon-Tie-Tiger, Up-Middle-Down, Big Odd-Small Odd-Big Even-Small Even, Gold-Wood-Water-Fire-World, etc. Each method Bets have different requirements. We will give an example of playing Keno with 1 betting method as follows.

  • Sign up Sign up Log in and choose to play keno games
  • When entering the game page You notice that the game page has numbers 1-80 on one side and on the other side there are options for you to place bets.
  • Select the amount you want to bet. Most of which you can start at 10. 
  • If you think that in this round the game will draw all 20 numbers, with a total between 811 and 1410, choose “Big”, if the result is true, you win. ทางเข้า ufabet