What is a bounce card game?

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Pok Deng is one of the most popular card games that Thais know very well. Many of you are often confused by the alternating between bounce card game with poker card games, but actually these two games are completely different. Because Pok Deng will focus on making the cards that have the highest points like 8 and 9 by having to beat the dealer.

What is a bounce card game?

Pokdeng online There are rules and methods of playing that stand out. Although many years have passed, but the popularity has not waned in any way. returned to increase its popularity with the classic of the game perfectly The observation point of this game is not difficult to see. The highlight will be on making the card to win the dealer. However, with the excitement of the game The dealer will have certain privileges in calling cards. In which in this section we will learn again in the rules of Pok Deng. However, the game Online Pokdeng The duration of the game per round is quite suitable, not too short or too long. There is no complexity of the cards. New bettors can learn and start betting right away.

Guide to Play Online PokDeng for Real Money

Next, we will study how to bet. Pokdeng online step by step It will focus on for immediate use. Therefore, new gamblers can study from this source.

Step 1 Choose an Online Casino to Play

online casino real money There are a large number of PokDeng games available today. So you need to study and compare the services carefully before deciding which one to use. The main criteria are safety to use. payment options The variety of games that will be found on the web chapters on these lists.

Step 2 Sign up and sign in.

When choosing a Thai online casino to be able to use Then complete the membership application and deposit money into the game system. Then log in to continue playing the game.

Step 3 Choose a game of Pok Deng.

Go to the menu “ Casino Games ” then select play. bounce card game A window will take you to the default game page. so you can choose a game room or choose a game type from many that software

Step 4 Start the game

After clicking Pokdeng online and the game will start betting. by having each player place a bet before the cards are dealt where the dealer and the player will get 2 cards of the same amount when showing the cards if either side has a poker card or other rank cards The highest will win. But if not the player will ask for a maximum of 1 card from the dealer in order to adjust the points as high as possible.

Step 5 Results

The action of the Pokdeng game will end when either side has made the highest Pok Pok. If no one can do it when playing for a while (According to each rule) will find the winner by counting the players’ points with the highest to receive the prize money.  ทางเข้า ufabet