What is Craps Game?

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Craps is a type of online casino game where “dice” is the hero of the game. It is believed that this game was inspired by other dice games. playing for a long time by games that use dice to play It has its roots in the Middle Ages. It is believed that the dice were invented by the Roman army. However, the influence of the past has made dice casino games always popular.

Craps from a new gambler’s perspective may seem like a challenge. But believe it or not, now there are many gamblers who are very successful and make quite a profit. Because static shows that predicting the outcome of the dice does not give the dealer or the casino owner any greater benefit than the gambler. So rest assured that you will be treated to a fair gaming experience.

How to Play Craps Games at Online Casinos

Step 1- First Phase

First of all, the game waits for other players to enter the game and is ready to play Craps. After the game starts the system gives you time to place your bets. At this point, many gamblers do not understand how to bet.

Step 2- Place a bet

Bets in Craps game are emphasized and must be understood in 2 ways, Pass line and Don’t pass line. The difference is the sum of the dice that appear. If the total is 7 or 11. Pass line will win the game. But if the total is 2, 3 or 12, the person who enters the Don’t pass line wins, all of which is the source of the conclusion that A pass line gambler is a player who bets on the same side as the one who rolls the dice. and the opposite is Players selected in the Don’t Pass line 

Step 3- Prediction

The players who roll the dice will press the rolls online. The system will run and the result of the dice will appear. which the players in the game will see the results clearly After that, the system will calculate who wins. and pay returns at the rate that has been set. ทางเข้า ufabet