What Are Nuts?

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Nuts are seed kernels that are widely used in cooking or eaten on their own as a snack. They’re high in fat and calories.

They contain a hard, inedible outer shell that usually needs to be cracked open to release the kernel inside.

Fortunately, you can buy most nuts from the store already shelled and ready to eat.

Loaded With Antioxidants.

Nuts are antioxidant powerhouses.

Antioxidants, including the polyphenols in nuts. Can combat oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals — unstable molecules that may cause cell damage and increase disease risk UFABET

One study found that walnuts have a greater capacity to fight free radicals than fish.

Research shows that the antioxidants in walnuts and almonds can protect the delicate fats in your cells from being damaged by oxidation.

In one study in 13 people, eating walnuts or almonds increased polyphenol levels. And significantly reduced oxidative damage, compared to a control meal.

Another study found that 2–8 hours after consuming whole pecans, participants experienced a 26–33% drop in their levels of oxidized “bad” LDL cholesterol. A major risk factor for heart disease.

However, studies in older people and individuals with metabolic syndrome found that. Walnuts and cashews didn’t have a big impact on antioxidant capacity, though some other markers improved.