Campos urges PSG to react urgently.

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PSG sporting adviser Luis Campos said he was waiting for everyone’s response in the next game. After just defeating the last football match.

Commander of Paris Saint-Germain Missed a 1-3 loss at home to Lorient in the Ligue 1 battle on Sunday. In that game, PSG must play 10 people from the 20th minute, while the situation in the league is still leading the crowd with 5 points over Olympique Marseille after 33 games.

After the game, Campos, as PSG’s sports advisor, told French newspaper Canal Plus that he was looking forward to seeing everyone’s response to next week’s game.

“The club must be united, everyone must be united. it is difficult Especially when you lose in a game like this. UFABET

“I can see today’s dressing room showing a huge disappointment. What I expect from every People are responding. It’s the demand that goes towards the players. The technical staff, the people who work at PSG every day, we have to have a response.

for Paris Saint-Germain They are away to Troyes next Sunday. followed by an open house against Ajaccio next week. Both of which are teams that are escaping relegation.

“Big name players alone cannot win trophies. They can win one, two or three but they need something else. Like unity, we’ve come a long way, but we have to keep going.”